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Hoss Moving is a moving company in Fayetteville, Arkansas built on trust, professionalism, courtesy, responsibility and friendship. We are Commercial, Residential, Long Distance Movers who pack, unpack and crate while offering a new experience for anyone looking to move their stuff from here to there in the most pleasant and safe way. We pack and drive our trucks, so your possessions are in the same hands from start to finish. Everything we move is handled as a fragile item. Call our Fayetteville office TODAY and experience the moving difference!

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Also, you can always reach us at 479.439.8836 and ask for a preliminary estimate on your move, as well as all the other details that you need to know. We’d be honored to help you with planning and actually moving you to your new location!

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Hoss vs. Other Guys

Northwest Arkansas's strongest moving crew.

Take a moment to visualize the average mover in your head. Not the prettiest picture, right? Stereotypes exist for a reason but we are here to break the mold. How? Well, we place more importance on finding wonderful people than wonderful movers because moving techniques can be taught (we have a pretty intensive training program) but great customer service and people skills don’t come quite as easily. That’s why we have a rigorous hiring process and look for guys with college degrees, big ambitions, and an honest, hardworking attitude. The few that make the cut are the cream of the crop.

Hoss Movers are smart.


Other Guys

With great power comes great responsibility.

How do you hold on to such smart (and might I say good looking) guys? Great question. We pay them very well. In fact, our movers are paid over twice the industry average and they deserve it. With that pay comes responsibility though and we expect a lot from our guys. They know they can’t show up looking and acting like the guy living in your gutter. We are moving people who are educated, intelligent, well-mannered human beings and we expect our movers to be of the same caliber. You should too.

Hoss Movers are clean-cut professionals.


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What exactly is a surcharge?

Our pricing makes life easier. Some moving companies are as bad as airlines when it comes to hiding fees and disguising costs (carry on fees, are you kidding?).  We give you a low hourly rate & the time does not start until the moment we pick up that first piece of furniture. From then on, you have us at your disposal until you’re completely finished. No assembly/disassembly fees. No stair fees or transportation surcharges.
Just a flat, easy rate.

Hoss Movers are wallet friendly.


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Don’t make promises unless you can back it up.

Almost all moving companies promise that their service is the best & their guys are great. Well, if you’re so high and mighty, where is the guarantee? What, you don’t have a guarantee?  That’s sad.  At Hoss Moving, we guarantee you are 100% satisfied with your move or we give your money back*. No games & no questions asked. Seems like a win-win to us.

Hoss Movers are guaranteed.


Other Guys

It’s like we already know each other.

We were always told never to talk to strangers. They are creepy. We don’t want you to open your home to strangers anymore than you do so we do our best to introduce our movers beforehand. Heck, we are so proud of our guys; we can’t help but show them off. Before each move you will get the names of your movers. You can then visit our Meet Your Mover page on our website, find your guys and read a short bio on them as well as see a picture of their smiling faces. Say hello to your new best friends.

Hoss Movers are friends.


Other Guys

And the Winner Is - You Decide





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Easy, Simple & Transparent (truck, blankets, wardrobe boxes, unlimited wrap and tape). Hoss Moving has no additional fee for stairs, assembling, disassembling, wrapping, narrow hallway, or long walking distance.



About Hoss Moving

Hoss Moving, Llc. is an Fayetteville moving company. We serve the entire state of Arkansas and now also provide long distance moves within the U.S. We have built our business upon the highest standards, values and expectations in the moving industry.

We are committed to customer satisfaction: providing an outstanding service at a reasonable price. We handle valuables in a careful, professional manner and treat each customer on a personal, individual basis. Select us as your Fayetteville moving company, and we will deliver a safe and pleasant moving experience.

Expert movers serving Fayetteville, Bentonville, Bella Vista, Siloam Springs, Springdale. Need help moving your home, office, apartment? We've got you covered. Contact us to get a free quote today.

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