Bed Bugs - Ugh!


You're moving and you already have enough to worry about. Kids adjusting to their new schools, you and your spouse adjusting to new jobs, finding things in your new home, packing and unpacking, setting up utilities, cleaning... the list goes on and on. One thing that doesn't even cross your mind is bed bugs. While it's true that bed bugs are more common up north, don't be fooled into thinking they can't come south. Moving trucks travel all across the country. Bed bugs can contaminate furniture and mattresses quickly and turn your moving dreams into moving nightmares.

Hoss Moving is one of the only local moving companies that has a bed bug preventative maintenance program. Not only do our standards and maintenance programs protect you and your loved ones from bed bugs, but many other small pests as well. This is just one more way that Hoss Moving keeps its competitive edge over the other movers.

What we do:

► All of our trucks, blankets, and dollies get sprayed with Cyonara on a monthly basis or after 160 Hours of work time whichever comes first

► All of our trucks our swept and kept tidy

► Our trucks are washed 26 times a year

► We use Moving Quilts instead of Moving Blankets



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