At Hoss we provide basic moving insurance for your belongings this takes effect from the time our movers first handle your items until your items reach your final destination.

However, our coverage is basic per the Arkansas PUC's standard of $0.60 per pound of damages. For example, if one item cost $1,000 but weighs only 10 lbs you would get $6 from the insurance that's why we highly recommend purchasing additional coverage known as "third party insurance" through Their rates are very affordable, costing between 1% to 2% of the total value of your item(s) value, and insures them at their full value.

Full coverage of your belongings is your responsibility to arrange and is not offered by Hoss Moving. Due to Arkansas PUC law, movers CANNOT be held responsible for valuable items, such as cash, jewelry, documents, etc.

Our Personnel is highly trained to take the utmost care and avoid any damages to your items, however when damage occurs, the customer and crew are BOTH required to discuss the matter immediately to determine the cause. If damage results from a mistake on the part of Hoss Moving, every attempt will be made to assess the amount of damage and have it properly fixed. If an amount can be agreed upon between BOTH parties, the matter will be settled immediately with payment in full by Hoss Moving. If the amount cannot be settled immediately between BOTH parties, the moving invoice must still be paid in full as damage claims are not valid according to insurance regulations if the invoice remains unpaid. At this point, a claim will be filed with Hoss Moving to compensate you for any damages.














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